Signs You Need Professional Siding Cleaning Services

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Signs You Need Professional Siding Cleaning ServicesIf you’re like many other homeowners in the Kernersville, North Carolina area, you want your home to look its best both inside and out. However, keeping your entire house consistently clean can be a major challenge, especially when it comes to your home’s exterior.

Your home’s siding is constantly exposed to the elements, so it can often get covered in dirt, grime, pollen, and other contaminants that can start to negatively impact your curb appeal. Although it’s sometimes possible to sufficiently rinse off your home with a garden hose, it’s important to recognize some key signs that it may be time to schedule professional siding cleaning services.

  1. Stubborn Stains or Streaks. If your home has dark stains or streaks that you can’t seem to wash away with a hose, don’t reach for a pressure washer. The high water pressure can actually damage your siding, and the results won’t last as long as a professional soft washing service.
  2. Mildew or Mold Growth. You might notice algae, mildew, or mold growing on your home’s siding if there’s excessive moisture present. Since these contaminants can slowly weaken your siding and leave permanent stains, it’s important to have a professional siding cleaning team address the issue as soon as possible.
  3. Upcoming Sale. If you’re planning to put your home on the market, it’s in your best interests to make sure your home looks clean and inviting. When you rely on our team for siding cleaning services, we’ll use our specialized soft washing methods to eliminate old stains and contaminants, leaving your home looking visibly cleaner for longer. This way, your house will stand out in your listing photos, and people will be impressed when they tour your property in person.

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