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Our team can perform solar panel cleaning to remove the grime built up on the surface without causing damage.

Making the decision to invest in a solar energy system at your home is an exciting time. After all, you’re gaining access to an environmentally friendly source of energy while keeping your monthly bills under control. Additionally, solar energy can serve as a way to protect your home and family should the home lose power at any time. However, what you may not realize is that the condition and cleanliness of your solar panels have a significant impact on their performance. What that means is that dirty panels can’t absorb the sun’s energy as well, often resulting in a decline in production.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Kernersville, North Carolina

If you notice that your system isn’t performing as well as it once was, a buildup of dirt and grime could be to blame. Since the panels sit at the top of the house, they are susceptible to a range of climate conditions that leave dirt behind. Since they also contain sensitive components, they need special care in the form of professional solar panel cleaning. Our team at Carolina Pressure Washing Services can perform solar panel cleaning to remove the grime built up on the surface without causing damage. We use a method called softwashing, which is gentle enough for use on any surface yet harsh on tough dirt and contaminants.

When softwashing your solar panels, our technicians will use biodegradable chemicals that are completely safe for use on these materials. We also use a small amount of water to rinse the cleansing products away, leaving behind a freshly cleaned and sanitized surface that will be ready to capture the energy from the sun. Our solar panel cleaning services are available to clients located throughout Kernersville, North Carolina, so reach out today to learn more or get started with a service.

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